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Title: I don't know how this goes (or maybe I've just forgotten)
Rating: PG-13 for language
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Jessica Moore
Summary: It's been 4 months since Sam picked up the phone for the first time to tell Bobby about a hunt near him. It's been a month since Jess and Sam started dating. It's been a year since Dean last talked to Sam. It's been 2 days since the last body was found.

(Or the one where Jess defines awesomeness (just ask Sam), Dean and Sam fail to communicate without Bobby running interference, but it still works out in the end.)

Author's Notes: This was written for spn_summergen 2013 over at livejournal. I was asked for something Stanford Era, with maybe Dean hunting something near there to keep Sam safe, so I just mixed and matched a bit.

I have no clue about the geography of Palo Alto, or indeed the United States, aside from what google maps told me, so please excuse any inaccuracies. Also, I apologize for the woeful lack of action, I'm just no good at it *hangs head*

As my friend pointed out this is now the second time I've written a fic with dryads in them. I'M SORRY! Just, I already did all the research for it for my TW fic so this was just so easy^^

The damn telephone was ringingCollapse )

(Fic) Glee: The Tale of the ice-cold demon

Title: The tale of the ice cold demon
Rating (art/fic if different): PG-13 for boykissing
Word Count: ~7200
Warnings (if any): mentions of suicide and one spoilery warning (highlight to see); non-permanent major character death
Fic Summary: There is a tale. A tale about a demon without blood or tears.A demon encased in a prison as icy as his heart.

"I always thought,” he waves a hand, only just stopping himself from hitting the produce hanging from the stall, “that it was an old wives tale. Meant to scare children.” “No, “ her eyes widen, “it is very, very real."

Author's note: This is a fusion with/retelling of the beginning of the manga “Koori no Mamono no Monogatari” so for those five of you who have read that manga the turns this story takes will not be surprising :)

This was written for the Kurt-Blaine Reversebang 2013 and as such an extra-super-duper special thanks goes out to maskedpencil, who provided two stunning art pieces to this, without ever having read the story, because I'm horrid and slow and took too long. You are my hero darling, I hope next time you do this, you'll get someone a bit less prone to deadline skating^^

Art Thumbnail:

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part 2

Title: Romanze in F Major, Op 85, for viola and orchestra

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Derek/Stiles, Allison/Scott/Isaac (hinted)

Rating: PG-13

Words: ~ 4500

Summary: So Derek definitely doesn’t have a crush, but he may, maybe, possibly be a little bit interested in getting to know Stiles (biblically, Laura’s voice snickers in his head) better. Or at all.

Or the one where Derek plays the viola, Stiles is his conductor, but they are still only two stupid boys in love.

A/N: So yeah, Teen wolf got me too^^. This started out as a silly little ficlet over at my my tumblr, because halffizzbin was feeling down and she shares my love of derek as viola playing failure. And then it wouldn't leave me alone and now it's the longest thing I've written to date, what?
Super extreme special thanks to sunsetpanic who betaed this and made it 200% better, I hope some of you will like this stupid thing about Derek and Stiles being stupid and oblivious about each other no matter what setting they are in.

You can also read it HERE on AO3, or HERE at my tumblr :)

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Aaand here the second thing^^

Title: Ways to ruin a nice day
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2150
Pairing/Character(s): Gen, Ensemble
Notes/Warnings: Jesus Christ, this story did not want to be written. Inspirations struck two days before the deadline after I had written around 2000 words in an attempt to write different scenarios. Extra special thanks go to my beta [info]sulien77, who not only did an awesome job, but also super fast (because I was laaate) and basically all the love goes to her <3<3. Written for the [info]dresdenficathon 

Summary: Harry just wanted to have a picnic. Really.

So when you said a day of relaxation...Collapse )

[Supernatural] History in Moments

I actually wrote enough fic for challenges in the last month, that I now have a posting backlog O_o, well here goes

Title: History in Moments
Characters: Sam and Bobby
Rating: PG
Words: ~2500
Warnings/Spoilers: spoilers for all seasons till about 7.03
A/N: This was written for the

[info]spn_j2_xmas challenge as a gift for [info]glimmerella . I always felt that Show indulges a lot of Dean+Bobby interaction, but doesn't give us Sam lovers the same. And because schmoop was asked for, have self-indulgent Sam+Bobby interaction history^^.
ETA: Sorry for the horrible formatting before, LJ decided to eat my line breaks, le sigh. All fixed now.

Summary: The relationship of Sam and Bobby in five acts

When Sam met Bobby for the first time he was 10Collapse )


Just a little drive-by post because I have to get up and go shopping, if I don't want to starve, but this fic just kept me from this important food gathering, so I guess I will do its awesomeness justice by telling the surely numerous people who read this about it XD

All the way home bypeggy_lane

Summary: When his life went to hell, Jensen left Dallas and moved to the small family ranch to start over. It's a lonely, solitary existence until he hires Jared to help out around the place. Jared's a temptation that's hard to resist and Jensen finds himself beginning to live again. But ranching isn't his calling, and Jared's running from some demons of his own; he's not the type to stick around. They're temporary, and Jensen thinks he's fine with that, but letting go has never been so hard to do.

So basically, I have something of a squick with RPF, so a story has to be especially and over the top awesome to make me get over my vaguely uncomfortable feeling and this one totally provides. Wonderful, snappy dialouge, a believable growing of the relationship, likeable characters and very hot sex. Additionally it hit my personal domesticity-kink so hard, I guess there was never any doubt of me falling for this head over heels^^
Written for this years spn_j2_bigbang, check it out if you haven't already

Sep. 5th, 2011

God I'm tired, BUT I finally managed to update my mood theme so that's something I guess^^

Sooo, seeing as around 5-6 people have asked, if I will do a sequel to "Contentment" and I'm nothing if not suspectible to flattery, so I'm working on a drabble like choose-your-own-adventure alternate ending thingy. I don't know how fast I'm going to be writing this, but I will probably wait to post it till I get my AO3 account so mid-septemberish?

And because the weather turned crappy again have a Supernatural Vid-rec, that never fails to make me smile:

9 to 5 by ash48 (4shared)

All her stuff is awesome, but this one is by far my favourite, because its just the perfect mix of funny, well edited and set to a Dolly Parton 80s song, what's not to love^^

New series

Yes, because that is clearly what I need, another thing to eat my time...

Anyhow, "Suits"!

Its a new USA Network show and while it only has 5 episodes I enjoyed it greatly. Its about lawyers so quite a bit of the dialouge goes a bit over my head, but the main characters Mike and Harvey who in true USA  Network fashion should probably just get all the UST out of the way are delightful, the banter is funny and the female support characters kick ass (including the black, female boss, who is awesome in ways I can't  describe and the only reason I don't ship her more with like everyone is because she is soooo out of their league you don't even know....except maybe Donna the fierce secretary)

So new fandom, shiny, me like, show is funny it can stay XD

In other news (and because I'm behind the times like whoa) Dragon Age: Origins, i enjoy that you let me flirt a lot with my whole party while my other love interest stand in the general vicinity without substracting me approval ratings^^. Also what does it take to get Ailstair to finally sleep with me, God, I guess Lelliana will get precedence now, she seems to be a bit more amenable in that respect.

Last but not least, my summer_gen gift got posted! Benefaction is up, so yay for more Sam bamfness *dances*

rav over and out *goes off to sleep*


Because I want to have fic written for me because entitlement is awesome, I'm going to repost this here, stolen from </a>heartstrike

The first five people to comment on this post get to request that I write a ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

If someone feels like asking from me, Fandoms: Supernatural, Suits, Sherlock(BBC), Hawaii Five-0, White Collar, D.Gray-man, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Rurouni Kenshin